Pars Hassas History

Based on practical experiences of Pars Hassas founders gained through years of working in oil, gas and petrochemical industries, the company started its activity by furnishing electrical and instrumentation construction services in 1993.
Later on, mechanical and civil services were also added to the scope of our Construction Division. Although the company was founded to provide stated on-shore and off-shore services to oil, gas and petrochemical industries, these services were also extended through chemical, steel, copper, tire and car manufacturing factories.
In 1994, Pars Hassas established its Electronic Design and Manufacturing Division to manufacture control cubicles, calibration equipment and electronic instruments for process industries.
These products which were designed in accordance with strict specifications of process industry are now commonly used throughout Iranian oil, gas, and petrochemical plants.
Engineering Division of Pars Hassas company was established in 1996. Electrical and instrumentation detail engineering and engineering for procurement services are provided to process industries since then.
In 2001, Pars Hassas electrical and instrumentation Repair & Calibration Center was established in Bandar Imam Petrochemical Special Economic Zone to provide required technical services to petrochemical complexes and other industries in the vicinity.
Pars Hassas electrical and instrumentation Maintenance Division was established in 2002, and in successive year, full mechanical services (mechanical disciplines) were also added to this division.
The Commercial Division of Pars Hassas Company started its activities in 2002.In 2004, the company launched its Industrial Automation, Commissioning , Training & Quality Assurance Divisions and in 2007 developed its Management Services Division, furnishing services both to company’s projects and clients.
Having all divisions of Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Pars Hassas now is a well-known EPC contractor in the field of electrical and instrumentation. In 2006 Pars Hassas Company extended the domain of its services to other Middle East countries and started its projects in U.A.E. and Oman.

Latest Projects

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of Control Systems and Field Instrument of Naphtha Hydro treater Plant, Shiraz Oil Refinery Company

Total Maintenance (All Disciplines) and Rotary Equipment of Pars Petrochemical Company

Procurement of F&G System , Control Panels , F&G Device and Clean Agent System for DHT Plant of Esfahan Oil Refinery Company

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