Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Division of Pars Hassas Co. was founded to improve the qualitative level of services provided to clients, improve internal executive activities of the company and create a safe environment for employees by respecting contractual requirements and safety and environmental rules and regulations.

This Division performs its executive responsibilities in the company, through performing systematic internal audits, case audits, as well as assisting in holding external audits and monitoring other divisions’ activities.

This division, in line with improving the efficiency and promoting customers’ satisfaction, has implemented effective management system of corrective actions and preventive actions and detecting non-conforming services.

In addition, this division has performed executive activities as follows:

1- Establishment of HSE management system in the company
2- Organizing of Technical and Environmental Health Committee of the company
3- Establishment of “5S” system
4- Establishment of “Suggestion” system

Latest Projects

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of Control Systems and Field Instrument of Naphtha Hydro treater Plant, Shiraz Oil Refinery Company

Total Maintenance (All Disciplines) and Rotary Equipment of Pars Petrochemical Company

Procurement of F&G System , Control Panels , F&G Device and Clean Agent System for DHT Plant of Esfahan Oil Refinery Company

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